KWS-1 Power Supply Restoration at KY6R

The inside of my KWS-1 Power Supply is in even better condition than I had expected. There is just a little dust in the bottom. I guess I expected worse due to the condition of the outside – but at 65 years old – I’d rather have the outside be a little rough than the inside.

I figured I could work on this power supply myself – because I did do some restore work on the little National SW-3 and its “Doghouse” power supply. I also had completely restored a tube based power supply way back in the 1970’s – which provided power for a BC-348J receiver.

It was a real “leap of faith” the day we drove to Sacramento to pick it up – but now I am really glad we did – because I am 100% confident that its in great workable shape, and with Howard Mills restoring my RF Deck – I will have the very minor work I need to do done before it gets back. 

I was very happy this morning when I saw this side of the power supply – because I can very easily replace the 3 electrolytic caps – and any of the resistors if and when needed. I will replace the electrolytic capacitors no matter what – and will test each resistor. I will also test all tubes. I did check to see if all of the tubes are available online (they are) – and I might just get a spare for each. There aren’t many tubes – so it isn’t a big expense. The workmanship on these pieces is just stellar – and the space that you have to work really makes it a joy.

The blower works well – with no rattles or issues, and its amazing how great the transformers and the big capacitor (oil filled?) in the bottom of the unit.

I stopped by two places to see if I could get paint – and even carried a panel that was in good shape to get color matched, but found out that its not easy to paint on top of powder coat – unless you sand and rough up the powder coat. Luckily, the front of the cabinet is already roughed up – so that is not an issue – and I will go to an auto painter and get some paint that they can match and fill an aerosol can. I will most likely only bother doing a fine sanding and light over spray of the front – since that’s the only part of the cabinet that looks rough – the sides and back are not bad at all.


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