How Much is Enough?

I woke up on this last day of 2018 with a question that I’m sure is something Zen Buddhists ask, and it’s really a great question to help us continually seek balance in one’s life

The question can be asked of almost any activity or any thing in your life.

Here are some questions I’ve asked and answered, and in order of importance in my life:

+ How many radios do I need?

+ How many DXCC awards are enough?

OK, these are hobby questions, and totally optional. Let’s move onto more important things.

+ How much money do I need?

+ How much exercise do I need?

+ How much food do I need?

And here is perhaps the one question that is a riddle:

+ How much love do I need?

On this last one, I immediately thought the answer was “You can never get enough love”. As it turns out, even that has it’s limits. I’m reminded of dead comedians and musicians who died young and our so called President who seems to never find enough love in his life – and he seems miserable all the time.

Apparently, you can get too much love, or maybe it’s really too much worship as a false idol?

Other questions that I have that concern me as we head into 2019:

+ How much corruption and greed can our Democracy endure?

+ How much inequity can there be in the world between the haves and the have nots?

I don’t mean to get too heavy here, but every now and then I play this game in my head and ask the question about literally anything and everything in life.

I always come away with a few interesting answers, and sometimes the answers change.

We are bombarded constantly with advertising that suggests “You can have it all!”

But, here’s the trickiest question of all:

“Can we have enough?”

Here’s to having enough in 2019…

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