2019: The Times They Are a Changin’

Last year I predicted that it would be the Year of Karma. The 2018 elections will prove over and over again that that will be the case politically – and that is the topic I was thinking about – that the damage and evil caused by old numb nuts would meet its turning point – and we are there now for sure. In fact, that leads us to a year of change. Watch for a series of distractions and demented sissy fits by King Snowflake himself . . .  and the hammer will be coming down on this Mega Schmuck

Will I end up with the next to last ATNO in the bag – Bouvet? Time will tell

Bouvet would be a killer QSL Card – literally and figuratively speaking. Its hard to believe the team has been in Cape Town for more than 2 months – but they sure seem spirited and ready to roll – all the best to them, but it shows that 3Y0/B might be the hardest entity on the planet to activate – a year ago we had a spectacular failure, and it proves that there are many issues that seem to conspire to prevent such an activation. Bon Voyage!

If all goes well, this will be running the show at KY6R in 2019

Just like I did with the National SW-3 – I fully expect to set this rig on 40M and have fun checking into nets and rag chewing – both on SSB and CW. There will be no FT8 for me – zero. I’m going retro. I am very much enjoying my memberships in several antique wireless associations and expect to attend local meetings at the California Historical Radio Society in Alameda, and hopefully elsewhere. Click on the logos to find out more about these wonderful clubs / resources:



These organizations are leading a big change in my ham radio hobby – and I more than welcome the change – in fact, this change keeps me in the hobby and engaged – whats old is new and surprisingly refreshing and exciting.

Work in 2018 at Credit Karma really took off, but alas – I pretty much have worked my way out of my old position – so need to find something new – I expect  change, and fairly soon. Where? Not sure – hopefully still at Credit Karma. The Data Explorer turned out to be quite the big success. Click on the image to read my November Credit Karma Engineering Blog post – it has put me on the map in this area of IT.

One thing that was especially scary in 2018 were the wildfires in California. We have now reached a very critical problem environmentally of biblical proportions. What to do about it – hard to say – it seems like its the new norm, and one that is not at all welcome.

I’ll be celebrating a big birthday in March, and I expect that we will have changes in our economy – mostly a big self inflicted wound, unfortunately, and one all because of a Silver Spoon Spoiled Brat Ego. Will the hidden “Money Changers” (who obviously run this country) step in and depose this Moron? Time will tell. Can we survive this? Hard to say – but strap in – its going to be a roller coaster of a year.



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