DXing and Electrovoice in 1955 (and more)

1955 QST Advertisement for Electro-Voice

You can see how Ten Tec came up with their “Regal” microphone. One of the fellows who was a principle at Electro-Voice was one of two fellows who started Ten Tec.

What I love about this advertisement is that it shows that after WWII, hams who got back on the air and with the restarted DXCC Program – were hungry and very serious about DXing. This ad – with DX QSL’s in the back is one that would have gotten me excited about getting into DX in 1955 – 4 years before I was born, and the best DXing sunspot year ever – 1959 . .

The 1930’s saw regenerative receivers give way to the superhet, and many new tubes were introduced. This led to more advanced circuits.

The 1950’s truly was “space age” in comparison, but was also a kind of gateway decade technologically. When you read 1930’s QST – there were few advertisements and they were quite understated in comparison to the 1950’s. DXing didn’t seem to be the “rabid” thing it became in the 50’s – and which never looked back after that. Of course, in the 1930’s, we were coming off the Great Depression – and technology wasn’t quite there to start getting “OCD” about DXing (it seemed more casual and traffic handling was the big OCD passion) – so that’s part of it. With the 1950’s – there was so many new things going on – all much more advanced technologically – rigs, antennas, mobile, VHF/UHF, and many different operating sub genres took off big time – like DXing and emergency communications and traffic handling. I can see that WWII left many with a serious pent up demand. Combine that with a good economy and companies like Hughes Aircraft in LA looking for Hams to come work for them as electronic techs (and Burroughs in PA), and life was great – and so was ham radio.

I have a D-104 microphone, but will be on the lookout for “period” mics that are cooler for my KWS-1. I might go for a new “retro” mic – there are a few and at decent prices. I first will try the D-104 and see what I think.


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