uRAT Redux?

The Collins 180-S1 Antenna Coupler

I received an eBay $50 coupon – so I applied it to purchasing this antenna coupler – for less than $300, which is a great deal. One – in collectors condition is selling for $800 – and another for $500 – believe it or not. My use is the farthest from a collectors use.

Because it uses a vacuum variable capacitor, I expect it can handle higher voltages than a regular air variable capacitor – and I also know that this tuner can be configured for Pi or L – which means it can be used for a vertical or a loop antenna – both of these I do plan on experimenting with more.

The Bruce Array – one of my favorite wire antennas

What is excellent – I can get back to trying to get my “Holy Grail” antenna to compete with the phased vertical array on 40M – which is some kind of loop – and with a remote tuner that can handle 1000 watts easily – for the KWS-1. This remote tuner will fit in my weatherproof box – and I can also work on that Stepper Motor circuit – maybe with just a simple rotary encoder – the Elecraft KPOD was overkill – although it was pretty cool as far as a concept is concerned.

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