I’ve Been in IT 38 Years!

This photo was taken just before – when my fathers friend convinced me to go into software – not become an EE – 1974 or 1975

I listened to my fathers friend – Joe Secundo – who drove a Fiat X1/9, so I paid attention – he was just so cool! Teenager’s paid attention to guys with cool cars . . .

I’m still competitive in the IT field all these years later – but how long can I keep this up?

I can yell one thing from the mountain tops – I started out at County College of Morris and then transferred to University of Pennsylvania at Lock Haven. Total cost = $5,800.00. I am not kidding. Try to match that with your fancy $250,000 BS degree. And yes – I was the 127th employee at Oracle – before they went public. Think about that for a while. ROI – yep.

I have competed for the best jobs from people literally all over the world and from the best schools and with the best pedigrees – and yeah – they have all ended up here in the SF Bay Area. I kicked everyone’s ass (back in the day). Cal – hello next door neighbor! Stanford (Junior University), MIT – pshaw, Harvard – bring it, Carnegie Mellon – sure – I like Mellon – with Prosciutto . . . .  I got stories these pikers can only dream of (hahahahahah)

I still love my career and will forge ahead – but some days I do think about “whats next”, and I mean “post IT career”.

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