everyone’s a critic: f ’em if they cant take a joke

I grew up in the NY-NJ-CT tri state area, where there were tons of critics. This was back in the day when it was all in your face – which compared to today, with social media as the worst form of platform for critcism, was refreshing, and almost always kind of funny. In fact, when you are very young in NJ – you are introduced to the phrase “f ’em if they cant take a joke”. Alternatives are “You talkin’ to me?” and “Ya Mutha” . . .

So yeah, being criticized is in my blood.

The weirdest thing that happened last year – and seems to be continuing this year – is right in the obvious face of doing something totally kick ass – I was criticized for other things. The feeling is “I can’t get any respect”, but what has given me the greatest comfort is this simple phrase that I taught my kids when I coached soccer:

“Do your best – that’s all you can do – and it will all work out some way and some how”.

The best thing about becoming a mature person (I’m a late bloomer – hahahahaha) is that I’m taking my own advice – and you know what:

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and darn it – people like me” . . .

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