Ella Mae Morse

I have this album cover in my shack – just because it is a cute album cover with Morse Code as the topic.


As it turns out – she was quite an interesting singer – who crossed several different genres – Jazz, Blues, Western and even a prelude to rock. She was actually quite hip and soulful – more so than some of the more popular singers of her time. Many of the most popular singers were more “sappy” or “schmaltzy”. She had a more direct and even punchy style.

She was pure fun – and I think a tad bit overlooked and under rated.

Now – hearing her or any period Jazz or Blues music on my SW-3 or 75A-4 is a joy. I can “get in the mood” and feel what it was like back in my parents day – before I was born.

Big fun in the little shack.

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