Next Stop? Oregon!

Crater Lake, Oregon

I am looking forward to my next chapter in life – and in Oregon. This won’t happen for at least 4 years, could even be 7 years, but we’ve been visiting Oregon for more than 10 years at least once a year.

While the Western half of Colorado is about as close as heaven as you can get, there is just that something about Oregon – that when we drive there and we cross the line from California to Oregon my soul just feels at home. I don’t know exactly why or care – I’m just glad I can feel this way about a place.

Smith Rock – near Redmond, Oregon

Multnomah Falls near the Columbia Gorge – not far from Portland

The Bridge near Astoria, Oregon

Mt. Thielsen, on the road from Crater Lake and the Rogue River to Bend, Oregon

Geiser Grande Hotel in Baker City, Oregon

House in Bend, Oregon

This house is the kind of house where I want my old tube gear blazing away – warming up the house in the back bedroom – turned into a ham shack. This is my dream for retirement – which will happen in about 6 years or so.

Don’t get me wrong – I have loved my stay here in California, and I have lived the last 2/3rds of my life here, and its been “berry berry good to me”.

But my soul wants to end up in Oregon. I have so many more photos I’d love to share – but this is good enough for now.

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