2019: Year of “One Wheeled Pig Boy”

One Wheeled Pig Boy and his side kick Rudy

Its going to be a much more interesting year than I had expected. Certainly more interesting than last year – which was crazy, and upsetting, but where a big new blue blast of hope came in and history will write that our democracy was saved.

The upheaval we have – and are experiencing – will not last as long as some have expected, but “One Wheeled Pig Boy” is now cornered like the dirty rat bastard that he is , and I do expect this SOB will flee just like he did in his many bankruptcies or his bone spurred cowboy cowardice regarding dodging the Vietnam draft. He is the pussy he says he has been grabbing.

In the end – his preservation of what riches he has left will overpower his lust for power, and he will go out more with a whimper than a bang. It will be a huge surprise for most . . .

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