The Masters of Our Domain

This Pie Eyed Smart Feller sure is the Master of His Domain!

January was a pretty bad month for me – I injured my knee rebuilding a rock wall, got sick and had my project at work de-funded due to a major cost reduction effort now put in place. Bad luck – in threes? I hope so – I’ve paid my dues for a while . . . and all this after a (mostly) great 2018.

Bob, KK6EK – on the VK0EK Heard Island project used to jokingly ask “How much is luck worth?” His answer: “Zero”. His point was – you have to plan and have a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C – pinning your fate to luck is usually a losing proposition – and could even be downright dangerous. For example, you might save a lot of money if you can hop on any train, plane or boat at a moments notice – but the kicker is – how much risk are you willing to take to save money?

Luckily (pun intended), my chest cold is on its way out, I can again ride my bike to and from BART (but it will be another month before I think it will be healed sufficiently), I’m even losing weight again, and work wise, I am doing what I can to move forward. My KWS-1 is being powder coated and should be ready in February – so that is what I am now looking forward to most these days.

Was January an “unlucky month?”, or just a convergence of bad things that just happened to turn out that way? I guess it doesn’t matter – because in the end doing my best to keep on keeping on and keeping my focus on planning as if I did not have “bad luck” turns out to be what has sustained me all these years.

Turns out – we get whacked every now and then, but ultimately we really are (as they used to say in Seinfeld) “The Masters of Our Domain” . .

2 Comments on “The Masters of Our Domain

    • Thanks for the kind words Paul – I really appreciate it. I wish you and your family all the best in 2019!


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