KPIG Rides Again on 1510 AM

Finding an “old school” unique AM radio station with original programming and no syndicate influence is pretty much impossible – but KPIG is one of the very last of this breed. I was lucky to move to the SF Bay Area in 1979 – and then again in 1982, and I remember how Northern California was way before the “Dot Con” years and now this massive tech crunch that has changed Northern California forever.

KPIG AM – 1510 khz went off the air in 2013 – if I remember right. Their antennas and transmitter are on a big warehouse building in West Oakland. In 2013, some shitty station took that site over. It was really sad (even though I can still stream KPIG over the internet), but there is still something cool about old school AM.

Ed, AG6CX, reminded me of KPIG’s “lineage” – KFAT was in fact the station in the 1970’s that was the forerunner to KPIG. At the time – I was listening more to KSAN – the “Jive 95” if I remember right – they were a lot like WNEW of NYC – which I listened to in the years leading up to our family moving from NJ to CA.

As I understand it – KPIG will only be on 1510 AM for a limited time. Too bad, because I am using the National SW-3 “Thrillbox” to pick up a great Sunday radio show with their “Youngest Piggie DJ” – and she is doing a really great job. The SW-3 sounds so amazingly sensitive and “crisp” – through a “field coil” connected to of all things – a Realistic (Radio Shack) Minimus stereo bookshelf bookshelf speaker. It even matches the SW-3 with its black “crinkle” paint job. Cool beans all the way around here. This is big FUN.

The format is sort of “Hippie Redneck” – but I’m more than just fine with this – its 1979 on a 1931 radio in my shack right now – living in the Northern California radio past!

2 Comments on “KPIG Rides Again on 1510 AM

  1. I’ve noticed that transmitter site and wondered whose it was.

    I saw in the paper yesterday that, for the first time ever, the majority of respondents to a survey the Palo Alto government puts out every year said that they no longer want to retire here. Even as a member of the technorati, I have to agree that Big Tech is ruining this place, and many other places as well. I think it’s not tech per se, it’s Big Money, and right now that means Big Tech. And it’s becoming increasingly apparent that too much money can ruin a place just as much as too little money.


    • When the world is run more and more by Billionaires – what happens to the rest of us? There are MANY more non Billionaires than Billionaires. Safety (or danger?) in numbers?

      But yeah – while I gladly take the money I can get here in the SF Bay Area, I am starting to dream of the day I drive away – it feels like too much of a good thing any more


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