Phased 40M Halfwave Verticals on 80 – 30M

Two 50′ verticals with raised counterpoised feed – makes these verticals a pair of  “bent half wave” 40M verticals. They are spaced 1/4 wavelength apart. The horizontal feed wires are 10′ off the ground

The elevation plot looks great

As does the azimuthal plot

Using two Spiderbeam push up masts with wire taped on and elevated up 10′ would be a perfect way to implement this antenna design.

Because the verticals are close to 1/2 wl on 30M, the antenna does well on 30M

But on 30M it does have the lobes off the side

On 80M, since it is actually a really weird half wave dipole of sorts – it looks like a low loss vertical.


I love my DX Engineering DV-40-P phased vertical array on 40, and I do have a decent 70′ vertical on 80M and the UrbanBeam – which is best on 30 – 6M (its too low for 40M except stateside).

I won’t be replacing my DV-40-P with this multiband antenna any time soon – but it would be a better broadside antenna – in the East and West directions – than the DV-40-P. Giving up the end fire pattern of the DV-40-P is not something I am willing to do – but its good to know that two 60′ Spiderbeam push up fiberglass masts could be used for such a beast. This could actually be a great 80 – 30M antenna for a DXpedition that is on a beach. The feed could be done using a balanced tuner or a couple of L circuits on each leg.

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