March 1959 QST

I think I was born to be a DXer – March 1959, at the height of the biggest recorded sunspot cycle, and this issue of QST – reporting on the ARRL DX Contest. Its a conspiracy I tell ya . . .

One thing I noticed in this issue is that the Gold Dust Twins were already left in the dust, and the new Collins kid on the block were the 75S-1 receiver and the 32S-1 transmitter. These looked like the forerunner to the most famous Collins rigs – like the KWM-2

New York City had many radio stores, and there was Radio Row. William Carlos Williams was the head of pediatrics in the hospital I was born in – in Passaic, NJ. Jack Kerouac shares my birthday – and was born the year my Father was born. Serendipity?

It was a good year for sure!


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