Ladytron UX-201-A

A few years back, I was pretty prolific making Assemblage art. I was going through a divorce, with children, so it was pretty intense. I was able to put some music on, and completely escape the din of the day(s). My goal was not the Assemblage (I gave them all away) – it was the photography. And I am enjoying my photography of my Assemblages now more than ever. It was time well spent, for sure. And hey – done during some pretty darn blue times.

Much of the art is a bit “unsettling”, but oddly enough – like blues – which can have lyrics that denote a rough time – the art and music ends up being cathartic and soothing. Now the “Lost Generation” – those Surrealists and Dada-ists following WWI – like Man Ray and Marcel DuChamp were in between quite a bit of bad times. WWI, the Depression and then WWII. Yikes!

I’m listening to Son Volt – Notes of Blue as I write this – and its really quite the awesome album. Its kind of like “Ghosts of the Great Highway” – by Sun Kil Moon – what seems like melancholy ends up revealing itself as uplifting in a way that only a truly artful album can do.

Music and art doth soothe thy soul.

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