Fun Testing Tubes!

Inside the Collins KWS-1 power supply. There are voltage regulator and rectifier tubes.

Its quite a surprise – what a “soothing” thing it is to test tubes. I’ve had an “interesting” first two months of this year, and am so thankful to have time to get back into the hobby again. What better way than to make sure the KWS-1 power supply is running as well as it can – with stock parts.

There are two tubes that I am unsure of – an OB2 – which cannot be tested by a tester, and a 2D2I – which did not register anything on the tube tester. I’ll purchase NOS versions of these – and just replace them anyway.

Just for fun, I also tested all of the resistors, and I was able to see that they all seemed OK – even without cutting any leads. They were all “close enough” given where they were in the circuit.

After I get the KWS-1 back, I will have replaced those 2 tubes and I will test the RF Deck with this power supply as is. I’d love it if it works as it should, because then I will recap it regardless – I can tell that the caps and the one selenium rectifier needs to be replaced. There are 2 electrolytic capcitors – I will have to think about those – because they look really tricky to replace, so I will probably just use a couple of terminal strips and just move the + and – wires from the cans to axial electrolytic caps that I have.



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