3Y0I, The Vernal Equinox and the VK0EK 3rd Anniversary

VOACAP Online showing the grey-line at (of all times) 4:20!

If all goes well, we could be calling 3Y0I by the Vernal Equinox. Getting to and activating Bouvet is about the most difficult thing to do in DX-landia, so it is never guaranteed – as we all learned with 3Y0Z.

Looking back at the 3rd Anniversary of VK0EK, the team left Capetown on March 10 – and weren’t QRV until March 23rd or so. The weather on the trip there and once on the island was surprisingly calm, clear and good. They did have some rough seas coming back though, and they did leave in early April – with a big snowstorm on the way, but it does remind me how “late” in the season they actually went.

As far as radio conditions goes, I worked them on 160, 40, 30 and 20M. Last night I worked ZS6CCY on 40M, and he was a solid 5×9 and with my 100 watts I was an honest 5×7, so that bodes well for 3Y0I.

I’ve re-invented myself from DXer to Antique Radio Enthusiast, but that doesn’t mean every once in a while I wont put my old DXer hat back on – it just hasn’t been an OCD thing since I made DXCC on Top Band – which was about a year ago. 3 years ago – I was still full on addicted.

Speaking of Antique Radios – my KWS-1 is done and we are just waiting on one last part (Howard is making a T-R switch for me that fits to the back of the KWS-1).

I’ve had a rough start to 2019, but now I have a few cool things to look forward to. Working 3Y0I and getting to only ONE away from DXCC #1 would be awesome – and I will recap the KWS-1 power supply today to prepare for the return of the RF Deck – which will be epic to get in the air. It will be like firing up a cool part of history.

Speaking of that – I do need to go to the California Historical Radio Society in Alameda one of these weekends . . . Maybe even tomorrow?

2 Comments on “3Y0I, The Vernal Equinox and the VK0EK 3rd Anniversary

  1. Hi Rich, sorry to hear that 2019 is not starting off well for you. Maybe 3Y0I will start making things better.

    Other than Bouvet, what is the last entity that you need?

    Best 73,

    Paul N6PSE


    • Thanks Paul – I got some very good news yesterday, so things seem to be turning around – fingers crossed. I am having a blast getting the Power Supply recapped and set up for the Collins KWS-1 transmitter. That will be fun to play with – 1000 watt input transmitter – pretty awesome!

      After Bouvet I will only need Bouvet – which will require patience due to Red Tape – but I do know that when the French Team finally gets the permission – they will go and do the fabulous job they always do. SO I have a couple DX tricks left to do – but otherwise having fun in the hobby . . .

      Hope you and your family are doing well.


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