Fun Returns to the KY6R Fun House

El Nino delivers a riveting rendition of a passage from Keroauc’s “Dharma Bums” . . .

Fun has returned to the KY6R shack – I have that “burn” again – to get the KWS-1 back and get it on the air.

Some of the things that I still need to do Ham Radio wise:

  1. Get the Gold Dust Twins on the air – and to do this, recondition 2 microphones that I have and finish the power supply restore
  2. Work 3Y0I for my next to last DXCC #1 entity – then pray that the French Team gets permission to go to Glorioso (actually once the sunspot cycle turns back up – also pray the bottom of Cycle 24 doesn’t last as long as the last bottom of the sunspot cycle)
  3. Replace the switches on that K1EL Keyer that I made a mistake on
  4. Use the Collins 180S-1 antenna tuner at the base of the 80M vertical – which is 41 feet up and 30′ over and up again to the tall spruce tree – so I can use it on multiple frequencies / bands – by using the tuner in an “L” circuit. Play with variations and maybe even as a Bruce Array on 40M . . .
  5. Play more with the Norcal40A and Red Hot 40 QRP rigs – and use the K1EL Keyer with both

Luckily, I have set everything up to move forward – even though I had a bit of a detour – I have the shack re-arranged to facilitate the new things I want to do – and it could be argued that my antenna farm still is everything I need as long as I am here in Orinda.

3Y0I will no doubt be my #1 priority, but will compete with the KWS-1 in the next month or so. I hope to first work 3Y0I with the 7300 and AL-80B amp, but then maybe even try to work them on a second mode using the KWS-1. That would be really awesome!

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