I started my Ham Radio path as a Shortwave Listener – SWL, and that was in 1971 – when I was 11 years old and I built a Heathkit SW-717. It wasn’t a great radio by today’s standards, but to an 11 year old – it was the best. It looked pretty sleek and modern, and heck, I built it!

Unfortunately, there are few shortwave stations left on the air, back in the early 70’s, listening to Radio Tirana, Radio South Africa, Deutsche Welle, Radio Finland, Radio New Zealand, Radio Australia and so many more were so exciting.

While the Collins Gold Dust Twins are something to behold – I’ve become so “smitten” with the National SW-3. I was listening to KPIG today on the SW-3 while I was restoring the KWS-1 power supply, so that was a great hour or so of Ham Radio fun in the shack.

Speaking of KPIG – I’m reading a fun book that Ed, AC6CX recommended:

Its a very interesting book that talks about where “Alt-Country” or “Americana” music originated as a radio program and even as a genre. And yeah – since KPIG was started by some of the people from KFAT, I can listen all day long – because I love the variety and the fact that you can hear stuff you won’t hear anywhere else. It seems to me that KPIG is probably very close to KFAT in format and whatnot.

Anyway – radio – that magic box that we all love – including that smart phone – which is a radio. I’ve become partial lately to “radios that glow in the dark”.

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