3Y0I and “Synchronicity”

At about 0600Z today, the Atlantic Tuna left Capetown for Bouvet Island. 3Y0I is now officially under way and I wish them Godspeed. There is no doubt, this DXpedition has been “unconventional”, but the way I’ve always figured it – the team that goes gets to play it their way. I remember with VK0EK, we were considered somewhat unconventional – because we had science as well as Ham Radio on board. It turned out just great and we won DXpedition of the year, and also had superb coverage in the Ham Radio Press – QST Cover, ARRL DXCC Yearbook Cover and most of one of the last DX Magazine’s cover and content which took up > 90% of that edition. We also won the DX Coffee “Best Communication” award – a very thoughtful award that we have learned was started as a result of the TX5K DXpedition.

OK – now we seem to be on “this side of midnight” – or maybe better yet, “this side of Winter”. Winter was metaphorically difficult for me this past season – with a job change, sickness and a knee injury. True to form – and a great seasonal metaphor – Spring is almost here – (in just 2 days), and I have just started my new job and even in my second week I am loving it – and have already delivered a couple big deal things. The vernal equinox just happens to be a good time for DX-ing, even when we are at the bottom of a solar cycle. I’ve had pent up energy since we went to Bend on vacation last October – when things at my last job basically turned stale. I’m not one for sitting around doing nothing – and I pretty much worked my way out of that job – but didn’t jump ship fast – and instead held out hope for the 4th quarter, and then decided that was enough. One quarter of nothing was one quarter too much.

Besides the Winter and Spring metaphor its pretty amazing how 3Y0I and their extended frustrations of trying to get their show on the road coincided almost to the day with my personal struggles. Funny that, but hey – life is funny that way, and I had all the patience of Job, and it seems to be paying off. When I came back from Bend, we had that awful smoke from the Paradise fire – and the 3Y0I team realized just how much work the Atlantic Tuna was going to need. Smoke being yet another metaphor . . .

The 2018 election was one big ray of hope – reminded me not to give up but “keep paddling” . . .

In fact, this is very much a Jungian “meaningful coincidence” – or Synchronicity. 3Y0I’s frustrations and mine were timed such that it really does feel like a textbook case of Synchronicity – which is pretty cool. One notch better than “serendipity” – which ends up carrying me in life and what feels like what Kerouac called “This Fellaheen World”. Its these minor miracles that do give me energy and happiness.

In the meantime – I did take a very cool (and unexpected) detour with the National SW-3 and Collins Gold Dust Twins. I just completed the restore of the Power Supply, and I will bet within days I get a call from Howard Mills, W3HM, that he is sending the RF Deck back. I bet I get it back by the time 3Y0I goes on the air – which will be the very end of March.

Yeah – this one feels like an airtight case of Synchronicity . . .

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