My 3Y0I Station (Plan A, B and C)

The Icom IC-7300 is quite the capable rig. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that the 7610 had, but I no longer need all that extra radio.

My “go to” antenna – 40M DX Engineering DV-40P phased array. Its a proven performer, where I work ZS stations almost every day morning and night and all year and throughout the sunspot cycle. And even with just 100 watts using the IC-7300

SteppIR UrbanBeam on 40 – 6M – at 35′ up will be best on 30 – 6M. I do have a 70′ 80M vertical with good ground, so I suppose that is an option – but I would be very very surprised if I work them on anything but 40, 30 and 20M at best. I do just want ONE QSO in the log.

And 1KW – thanks for the loaner from Elliot, N6PF

My Plan A is to make the QSO from home, but in a “first ever”, I am ready for Plan B – run to a neighbors house who has a better QTH and shack. Plan C is to go to a friends super contest station. I have never done this before, but like an idiot, when FT5GA was on the air – and I couldn’t hear them – not even once – and when many NCDXC members ran over to the Stanford Station to make their Q’s – I sat here frustrated.

Sure – I was a big dumb “purist” before, and I am proud of ALL QSO’s from my own station (so far), but since making Honor Roll – these last two QSO’s could be the last time I’ll have the chance to work Bouvet – and then Glorioso as my last one – so I can’t take any chances this time. Call them “Mulligan’s” if you will – I don’t care. There’s still a good chance Plan A will work…

Its do or die. Or is it do and then die?

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