Readying the Shack for 3Y0I

Its been over a year since I had a linear amplifier running here at KY6R. I just haven’t been DXing much since I made DXCC on 160M and 9BDXCC. My last ATNO was VK0EK – its funny how something that used to be such an obsession is now pretty much history. I have switched gears – my new “burn” is the antique radios.

The AL-80B and AT2K will replace my beloved National SW-3 “Thrill Box” at least for as long as 3Y0I is on the air – but it could become permanent. This would give me a “New” and “Old” station. To the right of this “New” station are the Gold Dust Twins.

Speaking of Gold Dust Twins – the RF Deck hasn’t shipped yet, but I feel its imminent – I need to call and find out. This is fine because for the next say 2 – 4 weeks (if ll goes well) I will be chasing 3Y0I. Its now a rare radio activity for me, but what the heck – a little “blast from the past” I suppose.

I have to admit though – getting the Gold Dust twins on the air now has surpassed working any ATNO’s – even though I’m only 2 away from Top of Honor Roll. I guess for me, Honor Roll was truly the “Pinnacle of DXing”. HR #1 almost seems excessive or just the icing on the cake – the cake itself was the real business.

I expect that if I work them I will feel differently.

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