Collins KWS-1 Power Supply Restored!

I had big fun in the KY6R shack today – I used my DVM to triple check the wiring of my re-capping plus replacing a selenium rectifier and replacing a suspect 0B2 tube. I also found a pair of 1 1/2 amp Buss fuses that I hear are hard to find. The fellow who owned this before me stashed them under the main power transformer.

It passed the “smoke test”! This is a VERY big deal, because when Kat and I went to Sacramento last December to pick it up, I threw caution to the wind and decided I would have the RF Deck restored by W3HM, Howard Mills, but I would do the restore of the power supply.

That gamble just paid off. Shipping the KWS-1 RF Deck was only $80 but the power supply is way to heavy to ship. It would have had to be shipped freight for a small fortune – in fact, a total deal breaker.

Oddly enough, when I was a kid, I completely rewired a BC-348J tube power supply, and I’ve also recently worked on a National SW-3 and got the “Doghouse” tube rectifier based power supply to play with my SW-3 (which I completed a 90% done restore). So, my confidence based on past experience did pay off after all.

Just before the smoke test, I restored two cool old microphones. They were each very reasonably priced but needed de-stinking and cleaning. The Shure 51B “Sonodyne” mic is awesome. Best $80 mic I’ve ever spent. I took my old Fender DSP amp out of the closet where it’s sat for 13 years doing nothing. No doubt, the Sonodyne will be my “go to” mic.

The Astatic D-104 needed serious electrical help. Luckily, Dave, WI6R, of Radiosports fame hipped me to a great D-104 replacement cartridge, and wow, was he right. While the Sonodyne cartridge looked like new, the D-104 fell apart. So I used double stick tape and soldered in the cartridge Dave recommended.

It’s like new electrically and good to very good cosmetically.

Finally, I plugged this crazy bugger into my guitar amp. It was readable but somewhat distorted. I need to take it apart and see what’s up. I got a great deal on it and it came with a second head, so it could prove to be OK in the end.

I had two choices today – set up for 3Y0I or do the antique radio thing.

Guess what won?

Next up will be interfacing several Vibroplex and the Begali Intrepid bug with the KWS-1.

After that, I have some super cool antenna news. And yes, it’s more Collins influenced and will be some “Return to Mod Bob”.

Oh yeah, 3Y0I – time to get my station finalized for that.

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