Collins 180S-1 and Possible Antenna Work

The Collins 180S-1 Antenna Tuner

I found a second Collins 180S-1 antenna tuner – this time in original (unmodified) shape. In fact, I will take the first one I purchased and return it to its original state. A fellow did a great job adding a directional coupler to it – but I will be using these out back in waterproof cases at the base of this Spring and Summer experiments – so no need for this extra circuitry.

The highly coveted 500 pf Vacuum Variable Capacitor

I recently looked for a replacement Vacuum Variable Capacitor for this unit – and found that they cost more than the tuner itself does, so purchasing this second one is a very good idea.

My plan will be to replace both my 80M and 40M vertical antennas with one array of some sort – hopefully one that doesn’t use ground radials – perhaps a Bruce Array – or an end fed vertical loop. This antenna will be my main Gold Dust Twins antenna. I might even just make it a 40M dedicated antenna – because that is my band for sure – its always delivered for me – year round and sunspot cycle round.

Glorioso could be worked on the Long Path on 40M for sure – so I will need to really think about what to do – but since there is no scheduled Glorioso DXpedition planned – but I expect that there will be in the next few years. The big issue is access due to environmental concerns.

Since these can be used as L or Pi tuning circuits – I would love to find a circuit for a “continuously variable” phasing scheme – where I could phase a loop or array of some sort for any direction, and whether its broadside or end fire – I don’t care. It would be more flexible than the DX Engineering DV-40P and could be tuned for 40 or 30M. Low DX Angles – as much gain as possible. Even 2 dB is fine – but 3 – 4 dB is my goal.

That’s my next “Holy Grail” antenna idea.

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