Vibroplex Bug

Now that I have a couple “period” microphones to play with when the KWS-1 RF Deck comes back, I will also have a couple keys to play with – I already have the Begali Intrepid “oddball” Bug, and will have a couple old Vibroplex bugs. I expect to land on one or two of each and sell a few off – but these are all things that I need to try first and choose which ones “make the cut” as far as my Collins Gold Dust Twins station is concerned.

I also do think I will end up with something cool antenna wise that uses the Collins 180S-1 antenna “coupler”. So – from mic and key out to the antenna, it will be a great representative station for the 50’s. I’m no collector – nor want to be one – instead, I want to live a time that was even before me (notice I didn’t say “relive”).

Its a bit sad – but the pace of SK Estate sales has really grown lately – the prices have dropped on vintage gear as more and more hams go SK. Its bittersweet – I have found some great deals on the “less than collector” period pieces, but it does remind me that we are only on this mortal coil for so long – but on the positive side – I do feel some responsibility to keep the old times and history alive by keeping this gear online and working. Its my tribute to all those Elmers I remember back in 1973 growing up in Newton, NJ. They would all get a kick out of my new love for “their era”.

Living History – keeping history and all who went before us alive I suppose.

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