3Y0I: Bouvet – The Hardest Entity to Activate

Last night I reminded the 3Y0I Pilot Team to check out Windy.com – when several were concerned that the MV Tuna had changed course abruptly. The minute everyone looked at Windy – it was obvious what was up. The system seems to have gotten even more organized and more treacherous – which isn’t a good thing at all. Its also absolutely huge in area. There is also that second storm – also no creampuff – but which pales in comparison to the big one. It almost looks like a vortex or cyclone – although the winds are about 70 mph (60 knots), which is considered just barely Gale Force Winds.

My biggest concern is that even if they were to get on the island – what happens if another big storm hits while they are on the island – and that that one lasts several days. When 3Y0E – Petrus was on Bouvet, I heard him and called him but he then had to abruptly shut down because he said his tent was being blown over. He high tailed it out of there soon after that.

The weather report does show a calming for a day or so – so it will be interesting what happens. I can only imagine that the team and crew of the ship – who have already been battered on their way there with high winds and waves will be making big decisions – and soon.

Here are the web sites to watch:


(go to the News section) and


I sure am thinking that Bouvet has to be the most difficult entity to activate.

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