The Reinvention of KY6R

1945 Vibroplex Bug

Now that I have decided to decommission my Ham Radio Station from “Struggling Alligator Masochistic DX Station” to “Just Have Fun Station”, I have a new “Mission Statement”:

  1. Only do it if it’s fun
  2. Whims are highly encouraged
  3. Learn something new daily
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Build or fix more than buy
  6. Use CW daily
  7. High power only with KWS-1
  8. Become a “Social DXer”
  9. Hang out in the backyard more

These all really ring true with me as far as what will keep my interest in Ham Radio. Just continuing struggling as a DXer got so old I didn’t know what to do.

Then the vintage radio bug bit and recharged my hobby batteries. Even “vintage QRP rigs!”

My “man cave” and hobby are very important to me. They offer a counter balance to work, which I love, because work life balance is important.

I do my chores around the house, and then retire into the Ham Shack. It’s my time to do whatever I want.

I might put up a 40M Bruce Array and compare it against the 40M phased vertical array and the SteppIR Ultrabeam and the 70′ 80M vertical. This is because without having to use radials (I don’t have the geography for a radial field of a 40M Bobtail Curtain), but with the Bruce, I could have one antenna for 80 local and 40M DX, which is what I want.

The big benefit would be two antennas instead of three.

It would be a compromise, but would be perfect if say I did set a goal of WAS QRP or WAS using the Gold Dust Twins. Maybe County Hunting?

So I could still chase paper if I wanted or just rag chew.

To be continued ….

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