Collins 180S-1 Antenna Tuner(s)

The unit on the left has a nice mod where the fellow added a directional coupler, meter, switches and an SO-239 connector to turn it more like a “normal” antenna tuner, but IMHO – its front face has the weirdest interface for an antenna tuner

Having the antenna connectors on the front is bizarre, EXCEPT for my use – which is to set this in a waterproof case – and use it remotely at the antenna. I could even use the URAT idea and attach three Stepper motors on the three controls – if I use it as a Pi tuner, or two controls if used as an L tuner.

Rudy, N6LF’s feedpoint diagram from

Rudy, N6LF has posted some great Bruce Array articles in QEX and other ARRL publications, and this one has a Voltage Feed (#3) – which is where I could use the antenna on more than one band. A voltage feed is also very convenient – location wise and also for the Collins 180S-1 antenna coupler – and where I’d use it in the L mode.

One Comment on “Collins 180S-1 Antenna Tuner(s)

  1. Rich-

    The front antenna connection on your tuner was to tie to an end fed wire trailing behind a B-29 aircraft. No coax feed; just a wire to a large through-hull insulator and out to the antenna. RF in the airplane? For sure. RF in the shack, absolutely.

    The modified unit may (or may not ) have served its previous owner, but it sure wrecked a collector’s item.

    73, Ed McCann AG6CX

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