The KY6R “Mic and Key Club”

The Astatic D-104, 10-C and 10D – classics and used with the KWS-1

There are so many cool microphones, but I will cherry pick a couple decent one’s and also will pick a set of keys to use with the Collins KWS-1.

Astatic D-104, Shure “Sonodyne” 51B, Turner 99

I replaced the old dried out and cracked D-104 mic cartridge, but the other mics worked with no problems. They are all cleaned up and just waiting for the Collins KWS-1 to arrive.

I’ll take a picture and write a blog post soon with my polished 1943 (black base) and 1960 (grey base) Vibroplex bugs – next to the Begali Intrepid bug. Using a bug with the KWS-1 makes sense since they did not have electronic keyers and paddles yet. The Hallicrafters TO Keyer would hit the market in 1960 – right as the Gold Dust Twins were being left in the dust by the Collins KWM-2





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