1943 Vibroplex Bug

This Bug has serial number 124407, which dates to 1943 – during a very busy WWII time

I wanted a good representative version of a Vibroplex Bug – just so I could use it with the Collins KWS-1 (if I ever get it back – hi hi). There is a great PDF available on the net that has the dates of all Vibroplex Bugs:


I did get the exact same model as what I had in 1973 – (The “Champion”) which dates from 1960, and with a gray base – but I don’t care for its looks as much as this older model with the black base – which is the “Original”. The Original has a shorting bar, which will be really useful for tuning up the KWS-1 or any other rig that I use it with.

The actual Hallicrafters TA-1 “TO Keyer” that I will pick up this week

It will be fun to play with the keys that I have with various keyers – solid state and tube based. Between this and the microphones I purchased, if I find that there is one “winner” in the mic and key department, I will cull the herd a bit.

Shure Sonodyne (center)

I’m going to bet on this black Vibroplex Bug and the Shure 51B “Sonodyne” microphone as winners – but I need on the air time with the KWS-1, so that won’t happen for a good month.

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