Hallicrafters 1959 Christmas Advertisement

Hallicrafters seems to be one of the first “mega” advertisers. They had quite a bit of gear – many models – and obviously had a big advertising budget. I had OT Elmers who thought Hammarlund made better gear, and everyone knew that Collins was the best of the best. However, Hallicrafters seemed to have gear at every price point and supported entry level up to full blown serious station builders.

My first transmitter was a Hallicrafters HT-40 and it was a great novice transmitter – I never had any problems with it, and my parents purchased it from an Elmer for $75, which was a pretty good sum back then. I think I got the receiver – the Heathkit SW-717 for Christmas, and the transmitter for my birthday a few months later.

I will have one piece of “Hallicrafters Gray” gear in my shack – the TA-1 “TO Keyer”, so that will be cool. I also have the exact same vintage Vibroplex Bug that I had back then in 1973.


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