Next KY6R Antenna: 40M Bobtail Curtain!

After our rainy season (and we have had a pretty rainy winter due to El Nino), and when things dry out and the tick infestation goes away (they love the green wet grass – especially in April), I will try a full sized Bobtail Curtain. I played with the dimensions for 7.150 mhz, and came up with A being 35′ and B being 34′

Superb 5 dBi gain over a single vertical and more than 3 dBi better than my DX Engineering DV-40P in the broadside direction and 2 dBi better than the end fire – but I do give up 2 directions – NE and SW. I couldn’t think about this antenna before because my 160M lowband antennas used to be where the third element needs to go.

The orientations will end up being just slightly SE and NW, which will cover ZS and 3Y0/B perfectly.

The Collins 180S-1 should be perfect as a voltage feed L network – and it has all of the different combinations to get the input and output tuned just right.

I will move the correct vernier knob and the correct Collins emblem from my spare (modified) 180S-1, and use this original circuit.

This Bobtail will be my daily / go to antenna for the Collins Gold Dust Twins.

Still waiting for my KWS-1 – heh heh





2 Comments on “Next KY6R Antenna: 40M Bobtail Curtain!

  1. Email Angel Garcia, WA2VUY, he runs a 40M bobtail in New Jersey. His QRZ email is good.
    My best,


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