Blast from the Past

Rick – my best friend, and another “Old Soul”

Rick sent me this photo today, and its a true inspiration (for me to lose weight . . . ). We used to hang in San Francisco, and then later, when he and Katie moved to a cool “tree house” kind of house in Woodacre – on the way to where I used to kayak all the time in Pt. Reyes – (Hearts Desire Beach to be exact).

Rick and I used to go backpacking yearly – almost always in the Immigrant Wilderness area of the Sierras north of Yosemite. We had an out of body experience at Upper Relief Valley. It was Labor Day weekend – which up at 9000 feet above sea level is pretty much when the season changes from Summer to Fall, Well, we had some Fab Single Malt Scotch Whisky, and we dared each other to run to the top of Granite Dome – which was 1000′ almost straight up. We had to run up and back down before it got dark, or we were screwed.

We almost made it, (or at least we deemed our effort was worth celebrating) and partook in a special Glenlivet cask strength and smooth elixir.

Last summer, Kat and I rode our bikes to SF, then the Ferry to Larkspur, and then took the wonderful SMART train up to Santa Rosa. We met Rick and Katie for dinner:

Katie and Rick

The rainy season is almost over, and now I’m motivated to get on the bike on weekends and travel to cool Northern California places – like Petaluma – home of Lagunitas and Rick and Katie!

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