Collins KWS-1 Serial Number 1572

Only 1600 Collins KWS-1 transmitters were built in 1955 or so, and just after these were produced, Collins went on to define modern rigs with the “75S” series transmitter and receiver pair – followed by the legendary KWM-2.

The fact that mine is #1572 is a real honor. Half of these were destroyed by the US Army after they had their need for them.

When I (totally unexpectedly) got into these restored rigs – I learned that Howard Mills, W3HM was the “legend” who has restored more rigs than anyone. I had read that he is getting older and maybe will only be doing these restorations for a little while longer. He has just finished my KWS-1 and I will get it back in a week or so. My 75A-4 was also restored by Howard, and I have purchased this receiver from a friend, Bruce, AH0U locally, and again by accident. I was inquiring about the National SW-3 receiver and Bruce told me about his Collins 75A-4 that he decided to sell. I wasn’t really looking for the KWS-1, but one “fell in my lap” at a great price. The restoration cost from Howard is very reasonable – so this has been a great experience.

So, this is a project to preserve a piece of radio history, and I’m having a blast sponsoring this. More to follow . . .


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