The Pursuit, the Journey, the Reward

Mushrooms. No particular reason why I used this photo except it looks cool.

My friend Tony, K4QE wrote a nice note to me regarding this blog, and it occurred to me that the Pursuit, the Journey and the Rewards are the best reasons to have a hobby. I like the word “Maker”, and I’m sure it comes from the German word Macher. My wife Kat makes beautiful things on her 1930’s Gilmore Look, so Maker fits any avocation or hobby that is “hands on”.

Most of my best ideas have happened when I have some time to reflect, to think a while without interruption. Sometimes that happens in the man cave (Ham Shack), sometimes on my bike, or sometimes just sitting in the living room furrowed down in my old green comfy chair with a cup of coffee.

With my ham radio hobby, I get to call the shots. I am the CEO and The Big Cheese. It’s the one time during the day where I can do whatever I want and (almost) whenever I want.

When I try something new, it unlocks new thoughts and ideas and gives me new perspectives. I always first learn that no matter how many times I think about something, I usually add to my knowledge base and many times see something I missed the first or second pass.

Learning something new every day is a great goal, and it is perhaps the biggest motivation for me at work and at play. I guess it really is a “journey of the mind”, because many times thinking about even just one topic, like let’s say a Vibroplex Bug and modern Iambic keys and keyers. This one thought unlocks a whole world that I can get lost in, like the history of Morse code, digital communication, various devices and inventions created along the way, the Victorian Internet, etc, etc.

Sometimes such rambling thoughts become a meditation of sorts.

They say the award / reward is the journey, and I do agree with that.

My next journey – the journey for today will be picking up and playing with a 1960’s Hallicrafters TA-1 “TO Keyer”. Yesterday’s journey was looking at the work Howard, W3HM did on my KWS-1, and continuing thoughts about a 40M Bobtail Curtain and whether or not I can really fit such an antenna on my property.

It’s another day, and another fun adventure!

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