The Creekside Bobtail: Part 2

The 40M Bobtail will be perfectly aimed for Bouvet Island

Elevating the antenna 10′ offers a lower takeoff angle and makes it easier to install hanging from 2 trees that can support the height

It just so happens that I have two trees where I could get the Bobtail up off the ground about 10′. Switching to all wire elements changes the geometry a little – the elements need to be a little bit taller, but with the same spacing.

Forget about NE and SW directions – there are deep nulls in those directions

This is probably OK at the bottom of the cycle, and certainly good for Bouvet – which is the only ATNO I will have a chance at working for the next 2 years from Orinda. I don’t even worry about more than 2 years any more in my planning – I might not even be at this QTH after that. This is also the last time I will have a chance to try this – so I will do it – probably in late May / early June, when the grass is dried out and I can weed whack and move around more easily than now.

This is the center connection – with a possible elevated counterpoise (not sure yet)

I will definitely use the Stepper Motors and drive them with either an Arduino or Raspberry Pi board and Stepper Motor drivers. I will also go for memory settings for multiple bands. The antenna is only a mono bander, and a cloud warmer on other bands – but for checking into the nightly Mission Trail Net on 75M, it will be fine.

My remote tuner that will be driven by Stepper Motors

I have scaled this for 30M, and while it fits in my lot much better, I think 40M is just a much more productive and interesting band – its by far my favorite. I also can use the KWS-1 on 40M (it is a pre-WARC rig)

The U.RAT – the forerunner to what I will do this time

The Collins 180S-1 – the absolute perfect antenna coupler for this application!

OK – this is a very cool project, and I am again excited to have an antenna idea that I can squeeze in my lot. I have to try this once. I was able to talk to an East Coast Ham who swears by his. Its a leap of faith – because the DX Engineering DV-40P has been so excellent – but I get to try to push the limits one more time while I am still at this QTH – so now my idea finally is justified . . .



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