40M Bobtail Curtain or Bust!

Bouvet is most definitely in the path of the new Bobtail Curtain

Tromelin – and maybe even Glorioso could happen on the NW path

I remember an avid DXer told me that there is a special path where you can work towards the French islands near Madagascar towards my NW. This does seem to be the case, and so that gives me even more reason to try this. I do know that JA’s on the NW path are always very strong – but distance wise, they are much closer than FT/T and FT/G.

I did work FT/T very easily during the last activation – I even forget the call now – that’s how out of it I am as a DXer. I’ll have to check my log, I do know with the DXU-32 and full power I got in the log the first night and after only a few calls on 20M, and because it would have been light to our West, it had to be a Western QSO. Tromelin is almost at our Antipode, so LP and SP are pretty much the same distance. I guess I could see NW or SW being possible, heck maybe even NE and SE when we are both in light.

But it could have been this NW path the fellow told me to try.

On 40M it would have to be West during our sunset and East during our Sunrise.

But yeah, I am really committing to building this 40M Bobtail Curtain. Its what I will also dedicate to the KWS-1.

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