What About a 5 Element Bruce Array?

The width of a 40M 5 element Bruce Array is the same as a 3 element Bobtail – 140′

The 5 element Bruce just doesn’t cut it when compared to a 3 element Bobtail – because you get the same gain and takeoff angle but with a lot more complexity as far as putting the thing up

Yeah – the 4 element Bruce Array vs. the Bobtail curtain is a better match up – if I really can’t fit the Bobtail in, the the 4 element Bruce is a better choice.

Well, I will have to run a line from the end of my lot where I have a redwood post cemented in the ground and look at where I could put one next to the creek – and then really see exactly where the bobtail could fit vs. the Bruce.

It will come down to – is it easier to use all wire for a 4 element Bruce hung up in the trees – or use three aluminum verticals mounted on redwood posts and connected with top wires.

I am pretty sure both will require some tree branch trimming – but as long as neither require cutting down any trees – then there is a real “shoot out” coming up soon.

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