40M Half Square? Hmmmm

I finally went outside with a tape measure – and there is no real way to do a 40M Bobtail or 5 element Bruce.

However, a 40M Half Square vs. a 4 element Bruce are so close that I would go with the Half Square. The big benefit here is that I get one antenna that can be multi banded instead of having 2 antennas with less gain.

I will be parked on 40M using the Collins Gold Dust Twins – so one of these days I will make up my mind given all of the trade offs – but it sure is fun revisiting this 40M antenna thing I’ve been obsessing about for so long . . .

All my recent work in and around the ham shack is because of these beauties . . .

2 Comments on “40M Half Square? Hmmmm

  1. Is that photo of your actual Collins units? I have to admit that’s a pretty awesome looking radio. I’m almost tempted, myself…


    • My receiver and transmitter look exactly like these. The power supply doesn’t look as good but has been electrically restored to work like new. I will be posting a full on photo of my twins Monday


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