Fans Added to the MFJ-267

I had two perfect bolts and lock nuts – and the two fans bolted in where there used to be two sheet metal screws

The cage is around a big 50 ohm resistor.

The fans fit just perfectly

They are quiet and push some decent air. Since it was only $8 for 5 of these – if one ever goes out – there is the second and then I also have spares. It was a little tricky getting the bolts to go from inside to the outside, but not too bad.

OK – for $8 I just improved the MFJ-267, and I must say it was built just fine – all mechanical and electrical connections were fine. Sometimes I don’t get cheapskate hams who want cheaper gear, but then bash MFJ. I think MFJ is great and builds decent gear.

You get what you pay for – don’t expect a Mazerati if all you have money for is a Prius.

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