Prototype Speed-X Bug

I just “fell into” this Prototype Speed-X bug. This is pre-Vibroplex vintage, and Mint

It looks like it has been restored- and that the restorer was a Master Craftsman. Its just gorgeous. 

The price was an offer I couldn’t pass up. I swear – these things have been finding me. I only wanted a National SW-3 just to experience an old tube Regenerative receiver, and then the flood gates opened up.

I’m having too much fun.


4 Comments on “Prototype Speed-X Bug

    • Hey Tony – yeah – luck – and found it via another “ex W2 ham” – hi hi


  1. Nice key. It’s also got that crackle finish I crave.

    Unfortunately, I am guessing there will be lots of nice vintage gear coming on the market soon.

    I need to learn how to use one of those things. Not that I do much CW anymore, in this FT8 era.


  2. Tony – meet Mike – you’se guys has 4 calls – heh heh.

    I’ve been looking at that Shulman Auctions site and been very happy that I have done way better than hat has sold there. “Unloading Vintage” is a real big thing these days – the trick is avoiding high price sites – and looking for people who care about who they sell to. Some seem “vulture-ish”.

    People have found that I am a curator and historian of sorts – so there’s a “respect” aspect that sellers really appreciate.

    Chalk one up for the “Old Soul”


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