My Gold Dust Twins . . .

This is my Collins 75A-4 receiver – restored by legendary Collins restorer, Howard Mills, W3HM

A close up – now check out the inside:

Mint condition – just amazing. This is a beauty from the mid 50’s . . . Howard is an artist . . .

My KWS-1 transmitter is coming back from Howard on Monday – its the biggest ham radio “event” in my world since VK0EK in 2016 – which culminated in a keynote presentation that was fun. The “after party” with the VK0EK Team and “instigator” Jack, K6JEB was even better – heh heh

Anyway, to save money, I restored the electronic part of the very heavy power supply (lower unit):

The “before” picture of my Collins KWS-1 transmitter (RF Deck) and power supply

I very much look forward to posting a picture of the RF Deck – as soon as I set it up, plug it in, and pray that my Power Supply restore proves a success. The filament portion of the supply has passed “burn in” for more than 1/2 hour – so I do expect that its just fine. Lets hope the high voltage section also delivers – and I can tune this bugger up into the MFJ-267 that I just upgraded today.

There are only 600 of these left on the planet, and mine is a very late model (1576 out of 1600). Supposedly, the US Army purchased most and buried them in the landfill. In fact, because mine came from Sacramento, I am betting that it was owned by the Army or Air Force – or the Government – because the “Asset Number” that would have been written on the unit has been blocked out by weird tan paint. In fact, I will bet this unit was at McClellan AFB in North Highlands, because the ham who owned this went SK last July – and then this was sold at Sacramento Radio Expo as an estate item.

I stumbled on it last November / December time frame. That ham who owned it lived in North Highlands – which was next to where my parents ended up (Union Cemetery). Kind of an interesting fact – now that all of this has literally landed in my lap – quite “mysteriously”. I am not kidding – the Collins Twins thing was something I never would have looked for – it really did find me. I’ll blame it on my parents – they willed this …

Howard has restored the upper unit – the RF Deck, and it ill be exciting to see if everything works. This is even historically significant – Howard won’t be doing these restorations a lot longer, and so I am betting that I am one of the last people actively having a pair of Gold Dust Twins restored – and by the master.

I got a killer deal on everything – including having Howard restore the RF Deck. I then saved at good $500 by not shipping the very heavy power supply across the country to have it restored. It was also fun to get at least that involved – to restore one part of the Twins.

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