KFAT, KPIG and Americana . . .

I really enjoyed this book (thanks again Ed – AG6CX). I was very skeptical – how in the world could it take 600 pages to describe a radio station – and even a pop culture musical genre? Well, I was actually sad when this book was over – I felt it could have gone on for who knows how long.


Railroad Earth is from Stillwater, NJ – basically where I am from – and is a great example of the types of bands I used to go see out in the sticks where I grew up . . . 

I know in another post I described how I have been into “Americana” since it was even coined as a musical genre – and the fine people at KFAT (and its fantastic offspring KPIG has continued its legacy and tradition), in fact, when KFAT started – I was going to what I called “Hippy Bluegrass” or “Hippy Redneck” shows at an old boathouse on Swartswood Lake in Sussex County, NJ – where I grew up.

High Point, NJ – very near where the Appalachian Trail traverses the Northwest corner of NJ on the NJ / PA / NY border

The Delaware Water Gap – on the NJ / PA border – where Route 80 goes through

I realize that we are all comfortable with where we grew up – whether its City, Country or Suburbs – I guess its the familiarity gives us comfort.

Whenever I have traveled to the foothills of the Sierras – or visited pretty much anywhere that Kat and I have in the Pacific Northwest – I have always felt very comfortable – even energized. Sussex County, NJ was less than 2 hours from the Atlantic – so we did go to beaches a few times a year, but I lived in the foothills – so it makes sense I love the East Bay Hills – with Redwoods and Creeks and whatnot. I also do love that part of the Bay Area that is of the Gold Rush era – because I suppose its a bit “patrician” as Boston is on the East Coast. I have been feeling the “crush” of how much the Bay Area has grown – and its getting too populated for my liking, but I do feel that here in Orinda – its a bit of an oasis – it gives me great comfort to come home after a day in SF. However – I do hope to end up back in a smaller place, with a slower pace – and where there are historical buildings and I guess what you would call the “Town” in “Town and Country” .

Church in the town Railroad Earth is from – Stillwater, NJ

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