RCA Tubes

Its nice to see an advertisement (1959) when there were manufacturing plants in many of the Northern NJ cities – this was before they fell into hard times. I remember taking the PATH train from Harrison, NJ in the 70’s into NYC to go take my General Class Ham Test – in front of Finkelstein.

Back then, Harrison was a dump, and most of NYC was too – they were dirty and dangerous. Since then I hear there has been a rebirth in many of the cities on both sides of the Hudson. I haven’t been back east since 1991 . .

When my family moved to the Bay Area in 1979, (and Francisco was a clean and still very accessible city) – much cleaner and nicer than Northern NJ cities and even NYC. Wow – times sure have changed. SF has gotten terribly dirty and crammed with people – the very rich displacing the middle class and then you have armies of well to do techies – wearing hoodies with logos and not being able to afford to live in the city. Yikes – I guess I was lucky – I lived in SF between 1984 – 1994 – just before the Dot Con – which started the decline of the City as far as I am concerned. It was still relatively affordable, and it seemed like the city was more like a big town. Artists even still lived there!

On the other side of the bay, Oakland is going through an incredible renaissance – I guess supply and demand has this effect – one place improves, another declines. Maybe its the “spillover effect”. All of a sudden, Oakland house prices are shooting up – so yeah, its the spillover effect for sure.

In at least a few ways, Oakland is to San Francisco what Newark is to New York City.

Funny what thoughts an old Tube Advertisement from Harrison will evoke – heh heh

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