4 Element 40M Bruce – YES!

The more I think about the 4 element Bruce, the more I realize that its the right antenna . . .

I re-read Rudy’s article and he says that the Bruce is more broad banded – that the Bobtail and Half Square have a very sharp SWR curve. The last thing I need to consider is that the third element comes within 10′ of my shack:


The RF “drop off” from the center vertical at 500 watts is just in the safe range. Its funny, but the .5 or so drop in gain from the Bobtail actually is a good thing – it means at 500 watts there shouldn’t be any RF in the shack. At 100 watts – its no problem whatsoever.

I will have to take the three aluminum masts that I have and use them – trying to hang a 100% wire antenna would get way too tangled up in the trees and branches. In fact, I am quite sure that I have a fence post that is right about where that 4th element would be located – or at least close enough to improvise.


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