KWS-1 Has Arrived!

Freshly restored by Howard Mills, W3HM – my KWS-1, Serial #1572

After a long day at work, I just didn’t have time to put the knob on the front and a few bits and bobs on the back. I’ll wait until the weekend – when I can take my time and also get the air hose on. I will plug the dummy load into the TR Switch and practice tuning it up in my garage – I understand that it takes a while to learn the process . .

W3HM Custom Made T-R Switch – well worth the $100 I paid for it – awesome silk screen too!

I’ve been told that I got killer deals on the 75A-4 receiver, the KWS-1 (which is very rare), and I must say – Howard is a very honest and reasonable restoration artist – whose work matches the unbelievable Collins Quality and attention to detail. I am very happy with everything so far – even before I try to transmit with it.

This is a very special night in the KY6R shack – after a long day at work. I feel like I am preserving a very important part of ham radio history, and even radio history in general. I love my little “modern” IC-7300, but I must say, there is just something very special about both my little SW-3 “Thrill Box” and now my “Gold Dust Twins”.

On Thursday I will receive the Speed-X Prototype Bug, and between that and my fully restored D-104, I will bet that those are the two accessories that I end up using. The TR switch that Howard made also has a wiring harness for the Bug, and a speaker mute – it will be “plug and play” if all goes well. Trying it out this weekend will test my restoration of the Power Supply.

By the way, maybe one day I will have the Power Supply Cabinet powder coated – I’ll have to see if Howard will send me a copy of his silk screen template – I bet he will – he’s a very nice guy, and this was a great experience.

OK – fingers crossed I get that 500 – 600 watts out this weekend – I plan on parking it on 40M – and doing a lot of rag chewing – ham radio – just for the (nostalgic) fun of it!


2 Comments on “KWS-1 Has Arrived!

  1. Thanks Bas, yes – this has been a project that came about unexpectedly, but I am so glad it did. Its turned out to be a really fun experience.


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