KWS-1 Power ON!

The KWS-1 Power Supply restore that I did is delivering the right Filament and High Voltage

The filaments are lit with 6 volts, and the high voltage is 2100 volts. Today I just wanted to make sure that my power supply restore (electrical, not cosmetics) was right. I had checked, rechecked and was very careful and methodical about it – and so that paid off.

Tomorrow will be the really big test – I will transmit with it on 40M for the first time. I have just a few more wires to connect – to mute the receiver and speaker when I transmit. The T-R switch that Howard, W3HM made is great – and he also created the perfect accessory wiring harness. I also have to wire up the CW line and add a mic connector to the D-104.

It turns out – this bug is perfect for tuning up the KWS-1, because it requires two hands on the knobs for part of the tuning

I’m reading and re-reading the tuning procedure in the manual. Tomorrow will be Part II of My Big KWS-1 Weekend!


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