KWS-1: Fuses, Tubes and Voltage Measurements

I will check voltages that are on the cable and connector from the power supply – and compare with what is documented in the manual. That should pinpoint if its the power supply. I will also check all fuses – they are down in the power supply, and there are quite a few, actually. I can retest the tubes as well.

The 2000 volt line seems fine – so I’m guessing its a voltage problem coming from the power supply. I do have help from three friends – Howard, W3HM, Bruce, AH0U and Tom, WY8K. Its really great that I’ve met new friends with my trivial pursuit of radio’s past. Its funny how “social” bringing these old rigs to life can be – the camaraderie is excellent.

The manual(s) for this rig are excellent – I have downloaded all plus all service bulletins from the Collins Collectors Association, which I am a member. They describe the circuits and are very well written. Its also much easier to read the schematics and even test this rig – because its so accessible.

I will also go back through the changes I made when I recapped the power supply.

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