KWS-1: No Grid Current . . . The Adventure Begins . . .

Every step up to putting a signal on the air was A-OK . . .

Unfortunately, today was the day I was hoping it would be my first 40M QSO with this great old rig. I got right to the last few tune up steps – and Zero – no Grid Current = No Output.

A few calls to Howard, W3HM – where he was eager to help me get on the air, and we have a plan. My good friend, Tom, WY8K, has a KWS-1 RF Deck. He will bring his over this week and we will first isolate the problem – is it the RF Deck or something with the Power Supply (that I recently re-capped).

I don’t know if I blogged about this – but when I reconditioned the SW-3 “Thrill Box”, I had one receiver with a power supply, and when I turned it on – the power supply smoked – I watched a resistor almost catch fire – and unplugged it and got rid of that mess ASAP. So I purchased a “Dog House ” power supply that I was told was the power supply for all SW-3’s. NOPE. Only some.

Just to make it more interesting, when I took the Doghouse apart, I found that a mouse had lived inside and had been chomping on a acorn. No kidding! I cleaned that mess up.

So – I purchased a second SW-3 and combined the best parts of the two I had and made this pristine one work with the Doghouse – and to this day I have enjoyed the SW-3 IMMENSELY.

Kat wondered why so many boxes arrived early this year, and then when I was shipping my “overage” out. The SW-3 that I sent to a fellow in Texas got exactly what he needed / wanted. SO it all ended great. And yeah – its a winding path – but interesting enough to write about it – hi hi. A journey for sure.

Now – that was a great lesson – because I learned that these restorations are a winding path – just as much as chasing DXCC was. It just takes time. And this time there was no smoke or pops or bangs. And the RF Deck is getting Filament, High Voltage and screen current but no grid current. It could be something I did wrong in my recapping, or something with the cable from the power supply to the RF Deck, or a fuse in the Power Supply or even a tube in the power supply – although I did check those.

Besides swapping the RF Deck out – which will instantly isolate which unit has the problem – I will also start taking voltage measurements with my DVM.

The KWS-1 has BNC connections at several points in the chassis – and they are used to trouble shoot problems like what I have now. I have a friend with an Oscilloscope . . . . .

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