Collins 75A-4 and CW

My friend Tom, WY8K will bring his KWS-1 RF Deck over soon – and we will do a quick test to isolate whether my no Grid Current problem is the Power Supply – or my RF Deck.

While I am waiting, I have been listening to a traffic net on 80M, and I must say – this is the nicest sounding ham rig that I have ever had – on SSB and especially on CW. In fact, I sit here each night, just copying CW by ear and not writing it down – which is something I have wanted to do for a while. Its especially fun with this rig – so that’s a nice surprise.

One really great thing that I found out when I hooked up the W3HM TR switch this weekend is that I did not have the speaker plugged in right – and so audio was down from where it ended up being once I have everything plugged in right. Now the audio is so strong, full, and really great sounding.

This is a very busy week at work, so I will be really pleased when the weekend rolls around. Its funny – where I used to get stressed out chasing DX and where I would get all twisted up waiting for the next ATNO, this new vintage radio pursuit is something I am doing slowly and methodically. I have had more patience and taken my sweet time with both the SW-3 restore as well as the KWS-1. Its very, very nice to just take my time and play with radio on the weekend after a busy work week – I don’t miss the DXCC stress (or is it “angst”) that I used to feel.

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